Armed Security & Armed Guards

Centurion Defense Solutions provides the best elite and experience armed security guards Nashville has to offer. Armed guards are one of the most effective means of securing yourself, your property, your business, valuable assets and protecting what is most important to you.

Armed Guards Deter Potential Threats

While there are many critical benefits to having an armed security presence, the primary roles for an armed guard are to deter potential threats and to actively respond to immediate threats. Our armed guards know how to handle a variety of situations with the protection of you, your people, and your property as their number one priority.

Centurion Defense Solutions provides the best armed security guards covering a wide range of industries. Our armed guards are the best in the business when it comes to private security for events, executives and VIPs, private parties and workplaces. We employ off-duty and retired law enforcement and military personnel who have extensive experience.

Our Armed Guards With Real-World Experience and Intensive Security Training

Our agents possess skill sets that can only be acquired through years of real-world experience. This experience, paired with intensive, professional security training that our guards receive throughout the year, ensures our clients can feel confident that they are getting the best in personal security protection.

How It Works When You Hire an Armed Guard

armed security guards Nashville event security guards

Whether you require assistance for a one-time event, a multi-month security detail for a construction project, or a long-term security relationship for yourself or your property, CDS will partner with you to not only meet, but exceed your security expectations.

We will meet with you at your location and take the time to learn about your security needs, goals, and desired outcomes.

After that, we will take those considerations along with numerous other factors and develop a comprehensive and effective solution. Our guards are flexible and possess the ability to adapt to changing security environments so that we can quickly and effectively implement a security plan for you or your organization. They also have the ability to change tactics and protocols efficiently so as to stay as effective as possible in a fluid threat environment.

Armed Guards Provide Peace of Mind

The use of force is never a desired outcome. However, in the event that force is needed, you want to know that your armed security guards are trained and prepared to act in the most effective way possible. Not only are our guards highly trained in the use of weapons and firearms, but they also receive training in conflict resolution and de-escalation tactics to allow for the possibility of a peaceful resolution.

Our armed guards are known nationwide to be professional, highly competent, polite, and effective. You can entrust your security to whoever you want. Why not put it in the hands of real, proven professionals?

Request Information on Armed Security Guards

From one-time events to 24/7 armed security Centurion Defense Solutions can provide elite level armed guards to provide a proactive security presence. Contact us at 866-833-9963 or click on the button below to request more information.