Executive Protection Case Study

This is a case study involving one of our repeat clients who is a high net worth CEO of a large Fortune 50 company. This study is typical of most executive protection cases. 

The First Contact

The executive’s Personal Assistant called requesting protection for the dates and times of the event. The VIP was attending one of the week-long race events in Nashville. The PA supplied the itinerary’s details about flights, hotels, schedules, locations, names of the three people who would be in the VIP’s entourage, etc. 

The Logistics

For this job we needed: 

  • 2-man security detail: 1 advance agent (checks all locations in advance on the day of use) and 1 detail leader (stays with the VIP at all times while the VIP is under protection)
  • 2 vehicles – one for the VIP and guests and one for the advance agent
  • 1 professional driver for the VIP’s vehicle (We hired a professional driver we work with on a regular basis.)

All members of the team were on call 24 hours a day and were ready to move at the client’s request. The driver stayed in the car at all times, keeping it running in case there was a problem. (Or in case the VIP wanted to leave earlier than scheduled or go somewhere that was not on the schedule.) The security detail was in contact with the driver by radio and cell phone to keep him informed of impromptu developments. 

The Advance Work

We did advance work on each location in the itinerary. We researched everything about each location – parking areas, walking routes, traffic flow, entrances and exits, private or VIP entrances, rooms the VIP would be in, near-by rooms, locations of closets and  bathrooms, and anything that could pose a threat, etc. Additionally, the advance agent checked out each location again on the day the VIP would be there. 

Our advance work at the race venue consisted of coordinating with the race security team to let them know the VIP was  coming. Our agent was able to arrange a more secure parking space with them since regular parking was too exposed. We also arranged for the VIP to “cut the waiting line” when coming in. This minimized the VIP’s exposure to the crowds of people that would be there. 

When studying the race venue, we had to know all the possible walking routes because we didn’t know where the VIP might want to go. One of the main things that a security detail provides for a VIP is customer service. So, you don’t want to get lost or take the long way around when the VIP is in your care. 

The Challenges

One of the biggest challenges in Executive Protection is keeping the client secure in “transitional spaces.” This is where we do the most advance work. When planning the security, we are looking for ways to minimize the danger in all transitional spaces. This can be when the VIP is walking from the car into a building, walking through a hotel lobby, walking down a hallway, walking through a parking lot, or crossing a street. An executive is most vulnerable when in a transitional space. 

The Execution of the Security Plan

On the day of the VIP’s arrival, before the client arrived, the advance agent arrived at the private aviation section of the airport where the VIP’s plane would land. The vehicle for the VIP, as well as the Detail Leader were also at the airport ready to drive to the foot of the plane to pick up the VIP and passengers. 

The First Stop

The first stop was the hotel, which had already been checked out by the advance agent. When the vehicle for the VIP arrived at the hotel, the advance agent was already standing by the parking spot, and he opened the door for the VIP. The 2-man team escorted the VIP, the guests, and their luggage inside to check in. (When escorting VIPs, we use the typical security formation – security personnel in front and behind the VIP.) After check-in, the security team escorted them to their rooms, checking inside the rooms before the VIP and guests entered. Then the security detail waited downstairs until the VIP was ready to go to the next location on the itinerary. At that time, the advance agent radioed the driver to pull up to the front door of the hotel. 

The Rest of the Day

The rest of the day was much of the same. The detail escorted the VIP anywhere he went, but stayed out of the way as much as possible when the VIP was stationary. When the client was in the VIP suite, the team members made sure there was no one else there that didn’t belong. Then they stayed in the background, stayed out of the photos, and generally blended in with the rest of the people who were there. (To facilitate blending in, the security detail always dresses like the VIP dresses.) Even though the detail was staying in the background, they remained vigilant. They were always ready to protect the VIP if something should happen. 

The Rest of the Week

After an 18 hour day, the detail deposited the VIP in his hotel room for the night. They returned the next morning to repeat the same thing over again. On the last day, both vehicles in the detail went to the airport. The vehicle with the VIP and guests drove up to the foot of their airplane, and the detail escorted them onto the plane. The vehicle for the VIP did not leave or turn off the engine until the plane was wheels up. This was in case the VIP came back for some reason. 

Centurion Defense Solutions Is a Licensed Contract Security Company

We are a fully licensed Contract Security Company with the TN Department of Commerce and their Protective Services division. This allows us to operate an armed security guard company and gives us the ability to offer executive protection services. If you are looking to enhance your current security, or are interested in protection for yourself or others, contact us at 866-833-9963.