Security Consultants in Nashville, TN

Centurion Defense Solutions is one of the leading security consultants in Nashville, TN. We have a variety of security consulting options we can provide you for personal or private executive protection or corporate security.

How Security Consulting Works

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Most security consulting projects begin with a risk assessment, an in-depth look at the current security level of your organization to include, your building(s), grounds, organizational members, local threat analysis, and level of risk and preparedness.

Once the risk assessment has been completed, our experienced team of professionals can develop a comprehensive security and safety plan with policies and procedures that range from fire prevention to workplace violence and active shooter response plans. It’s important to have a plan in place so everyone knows how to respond.

Executive Emergency Planning

We perform executive emergency planning that extends beyond close protection and escorts for those exposed to elevated security risks. Centurion Defense Solutions can develop a plan for you and your family that includes residential vulnerability assessments, family travel considerations, alternate communication and family relocation planning, extended family retrieval, liaison with local Law Enforcement, and more.

We’ll start by visiting your home or office and examining your current security posture.  We will conduct a site survey to ascertain what current precautions or measures are in place.  We will conduct interviews with current security personnel and company leadership.  We will send out a questionnaire to all current employees/members to gain insight into their views and recommendations regarding the security posture.

Once the home/office visit has been completed we will then take all of the information we gather and put together a comprehensive vulnerability assessment document.  This document will give you an overall view of your current security posture, both strengths and weaknesses.  It will identify specific areas that are weak and/or vulnerable and provide recommendations on how to remedy these deficiencies.  CDS security professionals will go over these findings with you and discuss the mitigation strategies.

You can’t fix the problem until you can identify it.  Let Centurion Defense Solutions provide  you with an expert security consultation today.

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