“Centurion Defense Solutions delivered a security assessment with a tight time line to a staff and citizenry concerned with existing building security. Following the assessments, multiple staff, board, and public meetings were held to address concerns. Jacob and Scott were dedicated professionals.”

ROBERT S. OETTING, PE (Beaufort County School District (SC)

“I contacted Centurion Defense Solutions to help prepare our Preschool for any possible threats we could encounter, and they exceeded my expectations. The teachers and staff have told me how grateful they are to have had the opportunity to attend the training. We feel better prepared and have made adjustments to our daily tasks to ensure the safety of our preschool. Thank you so much Adam and Jacob for making us aware and walking us through different scenarios! We feel so much safer now!”

– Shelly R. (Director at Crieve Hall Church of Christ Preschool)

“They did a wonderful job educating us about how to keep ourselves and our students safe. They were very informative and helpful”.

– Heather C. (Client)

“Adam and Jacob did a wonderful job of going over everything my teachers needed to know concerning every type of school emergency. They gave a detailed presentation as well as applicable “hands on practice” for real life situations. It was engaging and useful and I will have them coming back to do reviews with my teachers”. I highly recommend their services!”

Jennifer P. (Client)