Corporate Executive Protection in Nashville

Corporate executive protection has many facets. At Centurion Defense Solutions, we are experts in all of them. We provide executive protection Nashville corporations can call on for their security needs. 

The Many Facets of Corporate Executive Protection

Executive protection can involve a combination of any or all of the following, as dictated by client needs:

  • Advance planning
  • Transportation security
  • Close or loose protection
  • Counter surveillance
  • Residential security

Advance planning, however, is the key to any effective security plan. It allows our agents to be prepared in advance by doing such things as:

  • Checking a venue for possible security problems
  • Preplanning secure parking
  • Finding the most secure ingress and egress
  • Finding escape routes
  • Working with venue staff to set up the necessary security positions for our agents 

Becoming Our Client

So, here’s what the process looks like if you want to hire us for your protection. The first thing we do is meet with you to learn why you need protection. We need to assess threats or other issues to determine exactly what your protection needs are. We also discuss exactly what our services would include and what they would not include.

At this meeting, although too early to quote an exact price, we can give you some idea of costs. This helps you prioritize your needs and communicate that to us.

Then, after our meeting, we devise a protection plan that gives you the best security services possible within your budget restraints. Then we present the plan to you and make adjustments as necessary. When you are happy with the plan, we put it into action. Once the plan is in place, we continue to make adjustments as we go. 

Please contact us today if you have questions about protection services you might need.