Executive Protection Skills Employed by Security Professionals

All the professionals at Centurion Defense Solutions possess executive protection. So if you are looking for Nashville private security skills at the highest level, look no farther than Centurion. But what does that really mean? So, just what skills do our agents possess that enable them to provide the exceptional service we promise? Let’s take a look.

Executive Protective Skills Fall Into Two Main Categories: Hard Skills and Soft Skills

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Hard Skills are those the professional learns from experience or with training. At a minimum, protective agents must also have these hard skills: 

  • Handling guns safely and using them effectively.
  • Fighting without a gun.
    Hand-to-hand combat, martial arts training, and counter attack maneuvers.
  • Driving ability.
  • Protective transportation, evasive driving, driving in motorcades, or driving an armored car.
  • Administering medical help.
    Agents must know first aid, including CPR and how to stop bleeding.

Soft Skills are qualities that we look for when we hire our professionals. These skills include:

  • Planning creatively and thinking on one’s feet
  • Communicating verbally and in writing
  • Focusing on teamwork and building trust with clients
  • Making good decisions quickly. (Most of the time these decisions are small. But a good agent must be able to make a split-second decision in a dangerous situation.)

Our Agents Are Renowned for their Superior Executive Protection Skills

When we hire agents, we are looking for all the soft skills and the hard skills described above. Our team members are the “best of the best” in the security and defense industry. They are individuals with the highest levels of expertise. Our agents come from:

  • Department of Defense
  • Secret Service and other Federal law enforcement agencies
  • local law enforcement agencies

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