Should You Hire Private Security in Nashville or Hire a Bodyguard?

Hire private security in Nashville or a bodyguard?

If you need to hire Nashville private security firm, Centurion Defense Solutions is your best local source. However, Centurion doesn’t really provide bodyguard services. You may ask, “What’s the difference?” And that’s a very good question. We’re glad you asked.

The Difference in a Bodyguard and Private Security 

A bodyguard’s main weapons are his gun and his muscles. He just needs to react to situations, usually with his strong body. Although a private security professional does carry a gun, his mind is more important. And he is usually much better trained. He identifies threats before they happen and plans ahead for solutions if they do.

Are You on the List of People Who Need to Hire Private Security in Nashville?

Nashville has a diverse population many of whom need private protection. Check this list of people with a need for protection and see if you are on it:

  • People in the public eye. 
    Nashville is home to many country-music stars who value their privacy and need security as they travel. Our professional teams such as the Titans and Predators might need protection when they travel or when fans get too rowdy.
  • People who frequently travel for international business. 
    Often these trips are to unsafe places. Wealthy foreign businessmen are often targets for kidnapping and robberies.
  • People being threatened online. 
    Social media has made threats and cyber stalking commonplace. If someone disagrees with your political/religious beliefs, to the point of threats, you may need to hire personal security.
  • People or businesses planning an event. 
    Regardless of the event, you may need to consider adding event security. See our blog on this top here:  The Experts in Corporate Event Security.

Call Centurion Defense Solutions for Your Security Needs

We hire the best people for our security protection services. Our staff includes prior military members, federal law enforcement and social service. We can meet your protection needs, whether you need a single security professional or an entire detail.