Keeping Schools Safe

Keeping Schools Safe Is a Top Priority

The March 2023 school shooting in the Middle Tennessee area was a wake-up call to schools across the region. As a result, keeping schools safe has become a primary concern here in Middle Tennessee.

Some Things Schools Can Do

Centurion Defense Solutions offers suggestions on how to make your schools (or churches)  safer. The first and easiest measure you can take is hiring a security guard. That provides a degree of immediate protection and buys you some time to close your other security gaps. 

Hire a Security Guard from Centurion Defense Solutions

Professional protection companies like ours can provide you with armed security guards. We employ off-duty and retired law enforcement and military personnel who have extensive experience. Our guards are highly proficient in the use of weapons and firearms. But they also are proficient in conflict resolution and de-escalation tactics, which can avoid the use of weapons or violence. Call us today for more information.

Keeping Schools Safe by Closing Your Security Gaps

To close your facility‚Äôs security gaps, you should begin with a professional risk assessment. Centurion Defense Solution can provide this assessment to identify your security weaknesses. 

We study your surroundings, your grounds and facility, your safety measures currently in place, the flow of your staff and students, etc. Then we make a detailed report that may contain:

  • Weaknesses in your facility entry points
  • Unsafe configurations in your interior spaces 
  • Inadequacies in your polices and procedures
  • Problems with your current safety measures
  • Lack of proper training for your staff
  • Recommendations for remedying the weaknesses and problems found 
  • Vendors that can provide services to remedy the weaknesses

For example, glass windows and glass doors are the weakest points of entry. We might recommend applying security film to the windows and replacing a glass door with a security door. Other recommendations could include adding a coded touchpad entry system, having active-shooter training for the staff, or creating a safe room in your facility. Our recommendations would be based on the level of risk and the parameters of your budget.