Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

America’s constitution says we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. So, have you ever stopped to consider what conditions are necessary to enable these rights? Obviously, there are many, but one very important condition is safety. Many government entities are responsible for providing safety. These include the police, firemen, military personnel, school security, airport security, etc. 

Who’s Really Responsible?

Sometimes, however, the government protections are not available or don’t go far enough. Ultimately, we are individually responsible for our own safety. But, depending on the situation, what an individual can do personally might not be good enough. Therefore, you might need a private security company like Centurion Defense Solutions to take up the slack.

Providing protection and safety is the cornerstone of the services we provide. Our team can provide the safe environment you need–for a special event, your corporate office, your home, or transportation. We also perform risk assessments and provide security consulting. 

Our Team’s Qualifications

At Centurion Defense Solutions, our team consists of elite level, industry leading security professionals. Team members formerly served in military and local and federal law enforcement positions, including: 

  • Army Military Police
  • FBI
  • Secret Service
  • Israeli Border Police

Our team members also have vast experience and hold numerous certifications from the Department of Defense and many civilian agencies. Certifications include: 

  • Logistics
  • Physical Security
  • Anti-Terrorism
  • Active Shooter Response
  • Incident Command 

Prepare Today for a Safer Tomorrow

So are you interested in protection for yourself or others? Or do you want to enhance your current security? If so, then Centurion Defense Solutions will work with you to develop a plan. We customize security plans to meet the needs and goals of each client, and we deliver results on time and on budget. Please contact us at 866-833-9963 to discuss your needs.