Do You Need Private Security?

Ask yourself if you are likely to be assaulted or robbed. If the answer is yes, then it’s possible you need private security. A security agent can protect you from violence or stop someone from robing you. Even the mere presence of a security agent can discourage attempts to harm you. An assailant who sees you have a security agent who is watching for suspicious behavior is less likely to attack you.

5 Categories of People Who May Need Private Security

Now, ask yourself if you fall into one of the categories below. If you do, and a high probability of attack exists, you may want to think seriously about hiring a professional security agent.

Private Security Provides Executive Protection Nashville
  • CEOs and Executives often use private security, also called executive protection, to protect themselves from various threats from disgruntled employees, kidnapping, and corporate crimes.
  • People Who Handle Money or Valuables hire security to protect them from theft of the money or valuables they have to supervise or transport. 
  • People in the Public Eye, such as lottery winners, witnesses to crimes, and celebrities often receive threats to their personal safety. Protection by a professional security agent can give peace of mind.
  • Divorcees and Victims of Domestic Violence may consider hiring personal security if they are receiving threats. A security agent can oversee visits between spouses in conflict to ensure the safety of both parties.
  • Wealthy Individuals are a favorite target of thieves. A security agent can provide the rich with best practices for their safety and as well as actively protect their lives and possessions. 

Protect Yourself and Those You Love

More than ever before, private security is affordable and accessible. If you feel you are in need of personal protection for any reason, call us at Centurion Defense Solutions for a consultation. All of our agents are highly trained individuals with extensive background in military and law enforcement.  We also provide Nashville event security and armed security guards in Nashville.