Why Private Security Is in Demand

Private Security Is in Demand

A survey by The Guardian found that the US has more private security workers than police officers. And the US is not alone in this statistic. This is true in over 40 other countries. So, you may be wondering why this is the case. The answer is quite simple. Armed security guards are one of the most effective means of securing yourself, your property, your business, and your valuables.

Why Private Security Is Important for Small and Big Businesses

Creating a safe and secure environment for your employees and your assets is very important. Additionally, the benefits of private security are many:

  • Theft Prevention
    Having security guards at your company makes any robber think twice before trying to rob you. 
  • Security Guards Are Thoroughly Trained
    Guards are trained on how to handle weapons and know when to draw their weapons. They also know how to identify potential problems and deal with them. Trained guards know how to apprehend a culprit while keeping your employees safe. This is also true when security guards act as personal bodyguards.
  • Faster Response Time
    Security guards respond faster than the time it takes for police to arrive. However, they work hand in hand with the police when needed.
  • Security Companies Thoroughly Vet Personnel
    Security companies have to thoroughly check the backgrounds of their guards. This includes an FBI check and a fingerprint check. So, you can have confidence in the person who is working for you.

Contact Centurion for Private Security Services for Your Business

If you want to increase security at your place of business, contact Centurion Defense Solutions today. Our highly-skilled professionals can provide the security you need. They also have training in conflict resolution and de-escalation tactics to allow for the possibility of a peaceful resolution.