Matthew Evans

Matthew joined the United States Marine Corps in 2004. During his time in service, Matthew completed two combat deployments within Iraq (Al An Bar Providence) as an infantryman and later as a squad leader. His time in Iraq was followed by extensive overseas training deployments throughout Africa, Kuwait, Egypt, and Spain. Over the course of his enlistment, Matthew specialized in heavy weapon systems and long-range target acquisition, while working alongside various elements within the 1st Battalion 2nd Marine Division.

After four years of honorable service, Matthew shifted his focus towards higher education and obtaining his B.S. in Business Administration (2013), as well as his MBA Academic Practitioner (2017) from Bethel University College of Professional Studies. Shortly after that, Matthew started teaching at the collegiate level while continuing to pursue a PhD in Leadership, Management, and Organizational Change from Walden University.

In combination with his military, security, and educational knowledge, Matthew also has 15+ years of management and organizational effectiveness involvement. Because of these cumulative experiences, Matthew believes the security industry can benefit from his hard earned knowledge allowing him to be a positive presence within the industry, both physically and culturally.