Driving Skills Needed for Transportation Security

At Centurion Defense Solutions, our agents have the highest level of training in many different protection services. As a part of our executive protection services, we also offer transportation security drivers in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee. Our seasoned agents are security professionals with practical experience in the field. 

Our Transportation Security Skills

Don’t think that a chauffeur is all you need for transportation protection. A chauffeur should have driving skills and basic vehicle operation skills. But professional transportation security requires a much larger set of skills. Because our agents have experience across the globe, they are skilled in all of the following:

Security Drivers Nashville Transportation Security Guard Driver
  • Driving in a convoy
  • Combat in soft vehicles
  • Reading terrain
  • Assessing obstacles
  • Night driving
  • Pre-mission checking
  • High-speed driving
  • Checkpoint management
  • Tactical recovery, repair, and vehicle evacuation,
  • Evasive driving while being pursued

When you need the best transportation security Nashville has to offer, turn to Centurion Defense Solutions. Our team of elite security personnel has experience in providing high-level transportation security for executives, VIPs, corporations, and even heads of state. 

We Can Solve Your Transportation Issues

We always start by assessing a client’s needs. Then we prepare a plan that provides the needed level of security for all parties involved for as long as it takes. 

When preparing our plan, we may be answering questions like these about the route:

  • Is the route the shortest one possible? 
  • Is the route predictable? 
  • Is there an alternative route? 
  • What is the most reliable evacuation route in case of an emergency? 
  • Is there a safe area at hand? 
  • Where is the closest medical facility? 

So, as you can see, planning is all about asking the right questions to make informed decisions. With our experience we know the right questions to ask, so you don’t need to worry about the plan or our abilities.